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I supply a full range of heavy and light-side building materials, in full ex works or part loads, as required, at competitive prices including:

Aggregates: Crushed concrete, Granite Type One, 10 & 20mm ballast, sharp sand, building sand. Decorative slate, granite, limestone, marble.
Supplied loose or in bulk bags.

Cement: Portland and blended cement. Ciment Fondu and special cements.

Additives: Admixtures, PVA, SBR, plasticiser, waterproofer, accelerators, retarders.

Bricks: any make in clay and concrete. Cut bricks and special shapes.

Brick Work accessories: Wall ties, wall starters, damp course, damp proof membrane.

Blocks: Clay pots, Celcon, Thermalite, medium density & dense concrete blocks. Coarsing bricks.

Drainage: Underground, waste, soil, gutter, mdpe pressure pipe, duct, land drain.

Paving: Clay & concrete block paving. Concrete, limestone, sandstone paving slabs.

Lintels: Concrete and steel.

Steel Mesh and reinforcing rod.

Plaster & Plaster Board: Carlite & thistle plaster, plaster board, coving and cornice, angle beads, stop beads and expanded metal.

Contractors' tools: Complete range , including: wooden paviors' mauls, tarmac rakes, shovels, wheel barrows.

Sundries: sandbags, street furniture (bollards and seats), Armco barriers, knee rails, road salt, water softener salt, tarmac sheets . . .


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19 June 2015